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who are we

NKAC, Let’s Build Your Success Together

NKAC AUDIT ET CONSEIL is a firm created in March 2014 which operates in Senegal and throughout the West African region, in sectors of activity such as parapublic, trade, industries etc.

In addition, it has 3 departments:

  • Accounting & TAX expertise
  • Audit
  • Financial Advisory Services
word from the director

“Be the reference in the financial sector in Senegal”

“Being the reference in the accounting sector in Senegal is an excellent backdrop that goes beyond the profession of accountant.
Without ignoring the quality of the services offered, which remain the cornerstone of the existence of our firm registered with the national order of chartered accountants and chartered accountants (ONECCA) since April 2014, the pursuit of this vision brings us daily to take into consideration the expectations of our stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, economic partners, etc.) while remaining a fully responsible and ambitious firm.
Notwithstanding the above, we will constantly make the necessary efforts to optimize the quality of services to the population of business leaders we serve.
As associate director of the NKAC Audit & Conseil firm, I am particularly proud to be able to put my shoulder to the wheel in order to meet these enriching and equally rewarding challenges, and this, with a young and experienced team, putting its expertise to use. benefit from a dynamic organization like ours.
NKAC Audit & Conseil always wants to continue working together with its team and all those involved in the figures profession in order to offer an appropriate response and a quality service with the aim of helping business leaders to grow their societies with complete peace of mind.”

Ndongo Camara, Managing Partner
Our identity

What makes us the trusted financial partner


Thanks to our expertise, our support and our commitment we are building
together the success of your organization.




An accounting and consulting firm as an essential partner and
recognized in Africa for creating, getting off the ground and developing your business.

Our sectors of activity

We have been operating in these different sectors for several years now

Logistic transport

We optimize supply chains, reduce costs, strengthen risk management and ensure rigorous compliance, boosting business performance.


We maximize social impact, optimize financial resources, strengthen transparency, thus facilitating the realization of humanitarian missions.


We improve quality, strengthen food safety, optimize production, ensuring compliance, promoting growth and consumer confidence.


We maximize operational efficiency, improve inventory management, develop innovative sales strategies, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.


We catalyze digital transformation with tailored strategies, integrate advanced technology solutions, strengthen cybersecurity, propelling businesses towards digital success.

Our team

Those who are behind our success


Associate Director

El Hadj Malick SALL

Accounting Expertise Manager - TAX

Néné Gallé BATHILY

Financial Engineering Manager, Consulting

Khadijatou M. NDIAYE SALL




They trust us


Ask yourself the right questions

What services does NKAC offer to businesses?

NKAC offers a full range of services, including accounting, consultancy
financial, training, auditing, and financial engineering.

How can I benefit from NKAC support for my business?

Contact our team via the contact form or call us to discuss your needs

What is the difference between accounting and financial advisory services?

Accounting expertise focuses on the management of financial and tax aspects, while
Financial advice aims to optimize the overall financial strategy of your company.

What are the advantages of choosing NKAC as a partner for my business?

NKAC offers deep expertise, personalized service, and a commitment to
growth and success of your business.

How can I make an appointment with an expert at NKAC to discuss my specific needs?

Use our online appointment form or call us to schedule an appointment.

Does NKAC offer services for start-ups?

Absolutely. We have specific programs to support start-ups, expertise
accountant to financial strategy.

How can I stay up to date with the latest news and events from NKAC?

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates on our services,
events, and financial advice.

What is NKAC's privacy policy regarding my professional data?

We treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.

Does NKAC offer services for international businesses?

Yes, we have expertise in the field of international business. Contact us for
discuss your specific needs.

What types of training are available at NKAC?

We offer a range of training, from basic financial management to more advanced topics
such as taxation and financial engineering or business strategy.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions regarding NKAC's services?

We encourage feedback from our customers. Use our contact form or contact us
an email to

Other questions ? Get in touch with us below.
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