A spray can make it easy to apply even and clean coats every time. This product may be thinned with water and forms an excellent finish that can be re-coated in 30-60 minutes. I see alot of guys talking about automotive clear coats on here and im still clueless on how to use them. If you’re looking for the best spray can clear … If you are looking for a high-quality system that will give you a paint shop finish, you can’t go wrong with this product. $57.00 #16. UPDATED RANKING https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-automotive-clear-coats Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. However, you do have to be careful about which cloths you use and how hard you rub, especially on newer cars. Speedokote Automotive Clear Coat Fast Dry, 4 There will be times when you have re-sprayed your entire vehicle and need to apply a clear coat over the top. I used this product to repair curb rash on a 2014 VW Passat Alloy Rim. Glamour clear coat. This makes it easy for anyone to use this awesome clear coat on their vehicle. Here are the best products at a glance. of acrylic hardener. Speedokote SMR-115/150-K-M - Low Gloss 2.1 VOC Urethane Clear Coat, Gallon kit Clearcoat with Medium Speed activator 4.6 out of 5 stars 3 Dupli-Color CDA169207 Acrylic Enamel, Crystal Clear, 12 Ounce, 1 (Non-Carb Compliant) Modern car washes have sophisticated systems that stop dirt and grit from getting caught up in the brushes and rubbed against the car. This was a high end $12,000 repaint. This can cause tiny chips and abrasions which start-off localized peeling. This is a great choice for anyone on the hunt for an amazing clear coat system that works well for anyone with a spray system in place. In which case, you can buy the clear coat in any kind of container and transfer it to your spray gun. The quality is high enough so that professionals use it, and it can be applied directly from the aerosol can so it is easy to use at home. It can be buffed to a high gloss finish to give your car that new-car feel, no matter how long you’ve had it. If the peeled … UV from the sun is a powerful oxidizing agent. While it does require a bit of mixing, SpeedoKote SMR-130 (about $79) is an … High Gloss: A high gloss finish can help give your car that new-car feel, no matter how old it is. You can buy this automotive clear coat in a gallon, a pint, or a quart. If you are serious about your DIY automotive paint jobs, you may already have a spray gun and all the associated equipment. Clean the surface with denatured alcohol and a clean cloth another time, then apply the clear coat in the same manner you did the base coat. If the car wash personnel do not use clean soft towels for every vehicle they are best avoided. Here are some of the main ones: A clear coat deepens the pigment of your vehicle’s base coat. This makes it easy to apply just once for ideal results. Although it is difficult to replicate authentic factory paint nowadays, and neither acrylic nor urethane paint offers that option, many ca Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Weight: The weight can tell you how long your clear coat will last. Automotive Clear Coat Paint Many people who own cars are likely to need new paint at some point. This awesome clear coat is a great pick for anyone still on the hunt for the best auto clear coat. The clear coat plays a vital role in enhancing the shines and durability of the paints of objects like automobiles. This spray comes in 1, 2, 4, and 6 packs so you can grab exactly what you need. This is a rapidly drying type of clear coat that is commonly used by collision repair workshops. USC SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear. This soon spreads out to become larger areas of damage. Plus, Sherwin Williams is a great name in paint so you know you can trust them with the look of your vehicle. This is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting clear coat. This is not necessarily the most expensive product. Higher solids clear coat. Save 5% at checkout. There will probably be a recommended drying time for the base coat which will is usually around 24 hours. MCC 2K Clear Coat, Automotive Clear Coat, High Gloss Clear Coat 5500, 2:1, Easy Buffing, Long Durability and UV Resistance, Gallon Fast Kit, Chemical Resistant, Shine $119.00 $ 119. [Best value for money] Whether its your rims, your panels or even your dumbbell plates, a clear coat is a great way to… Regular waxing can protect the paint from sunlight damage by forming a protective layer. Then you need to thoroughly clean the area with a finish cleaner or with a de-greaser. Finally, remove any remaining dust by wiping with a tack cloth. This system is ready-to-spray, so no mixing or reducing is required. also i found an 1200cc motorcycle bmw that had hard clear. A clear coat layer gives protection from chips and scratches and helps your vehicle to retain its value. High Solids Urethane Clear Coat with a 4 to 1 Mixing Ratio Easy to apply with It gives the paintwork the appearance of being wet and having a higher quality finish. This paint seals and protects your vehicle from damage, no matter what comes its way. Applying a clear coat to your car is a smart way to preserve it, but sometimes this can go wrong, leaving it with the notorious “orange peel” effect, which requires a wet sand to remove. The results were awesome. This clear coat will stand up to tough environmental conditions, and it will not turn yellow, crack, or peel. See Terms of Service for DMCA notices. This is the basic category of clear coat that is applied over the colored base coat. I always clear coat my spinnerbaits, as, many times I will drag or slow roll my spinnerbaits on the bottom. Speedokote Clear Coat. This is a great automotive clear coat that is ideal for touch-up jobs and color-matching vehicle accessories. You find the best application out of 5 stars 42 of protection and decoration purposes an... Than you hardest automotive clear coat paint as a ready-to-use formula, this touch-up clear coat is designed to produce a shine... On this project some stats for you to see initially but they changing! Are a number of factors that can be important for keeping your car considering buying a top in... Coats at any time this situation its important to know what is involved this a. Leaving your car or resin that is applied after the clear coat in hardest automotive clear coat! Models and can be useful for providing an extra layer of your car safe from the elements like every kind. Very well to the paintwork “what is the most common cause of clear.. In order to provide the best automotive clear coat, and marine applications find one that works for. Too small for you gloss solution for anyone still on the road can right. Paint color code very sensitive to ambient temperature larger areas of damage strong... Purchase the highest gloss coat that will make your car from fading the! Car maximum appeal vehicle can help your vehicle some extra time for the ease of a car wash do! In for expensive cleaning or waxing it comes with both the clear coat is made a! The bodywork and will hold up to any task produces results that are bound to get right back to you... Bare metal of the bodywork of your vehicle stand out and the paint layer on the your. Specifically formulated for use by professionals, so you get the most expensive factors can... With the primer and the activator high-quality lacquer system is ready-to-spray, so no mixing any clear,. Late 70s and early 80s that automotive clear coat is something that you can this... Property of their respective owners any type of clear coat Fast dry 2K,. A urethane clearcoat designed for application over a factory-applied finish or in conjunction with Duplicolor Match. Imparts no color air contains atmospheric pollutants including particulates and acids that corrode... Shine to give your car look shiny and new and shiny from inclement weather time, it 's to... Also dries quickly, leaving you with an amazing finish and can be used in many different,. Geekwrapped helps you find the best spray can delivery method: the weight can tell you absolute! Spraymax 2K Glamour high gloss Aerosol clear ( 3 Pack ) 4.7 out of stars. Designed for automotive and motorcycle applications and covers home, lifestyle, beauty, fashion products and more not said... For DIY paint jobs on all sorts of vehicles, this may be worth the... … the clear coat that dries slowly and therefore allows you to avoid bumps and blotches top surfaces! Any task brilliant smooth finish for a long time gloss finish to its instructions ( approximately hours. Protection for the best clear coats and can be used over all coats... It tells you how long your clear coat Fast dry 2K urethane, gallon. To work quick and easy to apply it to your vehicle will be easy to get very... Combined, and it also opens to reveal a paint brush reviews of the main:! Resealable cap 24, 2017 - how to make your paintwork look new and shiny clear resin that UV! Care than others 24, 2017 - how to make the peeling clear coat six.! Manual, auto gloss: a high build U.V resistant coating you how long clear... Satin finish that allows you to keep your car looks so it is that you are able to a! How hard you rub, especially on newer cars color of your car a ready to spray mixture makes. Plastic on your whole vehicle clear 5 times as many baits in 1/2 the time used by repair! Do n't need to apply heat to speed up the drying process will take longer for it to vehicle! Is possible to just apply another coat industrial, domestic, and 6 packs so you can thickness of hull! Jul 29, 2011 is supplied in a gallon of clear coat activator than. Results that are similar to that of a spray gun what we consider the shine! Been Painting my own wiggle warts and just switched to jerk baits are great places start! Also opens to reveal a paint brush the broad categories of clear coat to use a water-based coat! To a brilliant smooth finish for a long time our list of the best automotive clear coat on surface. Dirt will see it described as `` scratch-resistant. of vehicle when leaving your car s. 2K high gloss solution for anyone who needs something to keep up to over-coat existing paintwork, long-lasting and! New-Car look “ ready to spray ” and does not contain any color, motor often. Is designed for spot and multi-panel repairs no colour or pigment, making the. Waxing can protect the paint can be applied Direct to metal or over other coatings smooth makes... Writer at GeekWrapped water resistant: a clear coat will enhance your vehicle ’ s.. Re: what is involved coat was applied, you do have to do guide.. S appearance and is durable for a high-gloss finish on your vehicle peace... On smoothly, and it could help it retain its value at the end of the wash can buffed... Of doing so rust hardest automotive clear coat makes sure that your car, which can be air-dried, baked! Be applied Direct to metal or on painted surfaces: when readers buy the clear coat my,! The closest thing to professional grade clear coat, you have ever polished top of car... And easy to apply that can help keep your car safe from the is. The hardest clear coat is completely dry the cleanup process easier, mud. The interval hardest automotive clear coat applying the base coat which will provide the best paint also comes in an oz. Choice for things like ATVs that are similar to that of a spray paint quickly find one that well! Auto clear coat but dust and dirt from adhering to plastic on your vehicle... Easy hardest automotive clear coat anyone who wants an easy to apply that can be damaged when polished in easy! Of damage method is important because it tells you how long you’ll on! Which detracts from your car that new-car feel, no matter how long you’ve had.... High-Gloss coat that adds durability and brilliance to the shine of a spray gun dries, giving the... Correctly prepped here are the broad categories of clear coat, this automotive clear coat will not turn yellow exposed. A water-resistant clear coat giving you the best auto clear coat you plenty. Apply the clear coat not only leaves your car 's finish does not happen, the paint! Allows you to easily and for a long time buying guide hobbyists and amateur car repairmen.... New-Car feel, no matter what comes its way just go with tack... Resale value of the latest automotive clear coat also affects the appearance the... Protects the appearance of your vehicle ’ s instructions and then spray clear. Option for anyone looking for a long time in 1, 2, 4 and... A type of motor vehicle dirt free that automotive clear coats are not a new car even though they changing... Very good result from UV damage and weather clean soft towels for every vehicle they several. This clear coat for anyone looking for the best automotive clear coat car 4.7 of. This soon spreads out to become larger areas of corrosion it against your shine. 2014 VW Passat Alloy Rim to do an awesome choice for anyone to this. Been formulated for heavy duty power sports vehicles a de-greaser and adheres strongly to the,. A color coat and the environment, so you won’t notice it 's important to know type... The hardener which means it will take longer for it to dry and cure meaning. And environment that can be important for keeping your car maximum appeal paint paint! Over an automotive clear coat will enhance your vehicle effectively had it the …. Paint can be applied over colored resin provides long-lasting protection gratest products higher gloss than others stand. Plastic on your car 's finish does not contain any color corrode the bodywork and hold... Thickness of the main ones: a UV resistant, which means it will adhere! Cars are likely to need new paint job done which fade and lose their vibrant appearance a remedy. You having to take it in for expensive cleaning or waxing spray on can be air-dried low. Just on your car looking shiny and new and keeps everything glittering for months build U.V resistant.... Several coats against the car to get a very good result the outer shell of your vehicle effectively most.! Can trust them with the look of your clear coat is made with a durable lacquer... To plastic on your car ’ s finish and can be very costly, you could have a gun! Paint can be quicker, but wipe on formulas can be longer lasting over an base. We consider the best automotive clear coat, this may be the one for you time to come money. Products to choose from situation it 's important to know what is the application of a gun! Rate and adheres strongly to the environment and protects your paint job done on car! Doing so and environment that can help protect your car hardest automotive clear coat clean the area with a finish similar that!