Only 1 left! The paraffin wax machine from Conair comes in a compact and portable pink-colored tub with a lid. Please read our Disclaimer. Whether you suffer from dry, cracked hands and feet, or you're dealing with the pain of arthritis and injury, a paraffin wax bath can deliver soothing relief at home. With a six-pound capacity tank, that’s also wider than many, it can handle heavy-duty use. While many wax warmers come as a kit, if you opt to order one that’s not, be sure to get plastic liners, thermal mitts, and booties to maximize your treatment results and minimize mess. Also, these paraffin wax machines make great gifts for seniors, so you might want to consider one for an aging parent or grandparent, or anyone else who suffers from osteoarthritis on a long term basis. While it has a fairly fast melting time, (just 20 minutes for two pounds) thanks to the adjustable thermostat, being in a melt down hurry may mean you’ll have to delay treatment until the wax comes down to a safe and suitable temperature. The anodized aluminum tank is built for deep immersion, to better surround sore hands and feet with therapeutic warmth. It does not cause any burns as the wax has low temperatures and is applied to the skin at low temperatures. Fast heating and real-time monitoring to save time. Different waxes can have different melting points, and those that require more heat are more likely to burn you. The Paraffin Wax Warmer from OldPAPA is a professional-grade electric wax warming machine that is built with a slim and composite exterior and a durable metal interior. Investing in a good paraffin wax bath saves a lot of your money that you might end up spending for an expensive spa treatment. Convenience and Functionality Cleverly Combined. This lightweight paraffin wax machine is easy to lift and move around, and despite its diminutive nine inch by 5.6 inch tank size, you can still dip hands, heels, elbows, and smaller feet with ease. Integrated handles make it easy and safe to carry. At least, if you haven't used a paraffin wax bath, you'll get a sense of how this therapy works. Use a brush or spatula to apply an even layer of wax on the desired area and let it dry. At 18 inches long, the WaxWel paraffin wax bath is one of the longest, accommodating a man’s foot up to size 12.5. Relax in a luxurious sultry scented bath with fresh essential herbs. Decreases signs of aging and sun damage giving you glowing and healthy skin. Featuring a thin composite frame exterior and metal interior, the machine comes with a large and open design to fit even large feet and hands. Check out these best paraffin wax baths and treatment machines. 1 Pair of Wax Bath Socks Soft Cotton Insulated Thin Feet Care Set for Women. With a six-plus-pound capacity, you can enjoy soothing, moisturizing, and exfoliating. While smaller than many of the clinical paraffin wax baths we’ve discussed so far, this affordable paraffin wax machine is perfect for home use. Powered by. Soothes tired and overworked hands and legs. Don’t switch on the device without paraffin wax in it. In 15 minutes, you'll be amazed at the difference, and with regular treatments, real relief is at hand. Once the wax gets dried up, slowly dip the area in the melted wax and leave it for 20 to 30 seconds. Once done, cover the wax-coated area with a liner and place it in an insulated mitt for better heat retention for 10 to 20 minutes. At less than $80, it offers a whopping 10,57 pound wax … Paraffin wax bath offers both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits, as listed below. Never leave the product unattended when plugged in. Once the wax is ready to use, you can hear the beep. If you’re simply looking for a skin softening treatment, versus therapeutic pain relief (outside of your hands,) this paraffin wax bath makes it simple. Our team hand assembles and tests each Therabath unit ensuring that every single one leaves our factory durable, safe and reliable. For more cooling relief, a beauty fridge can make your joint creams, pain patches, and balms feel especially soothing. Unbox the wax machine and place it on a flat surface. Leaves the skin smooth and soft by enabling deep moisture penetration. This paraffin wax machine is thermostatically controlled, keeping melted wax at a constant temperature between 126-134 degrees Fahrenheit, to give you the maximum therapeutic benefits. Use it for your hands, elbows, or feet to experience the therapeutic and moisturizing properties of hot paraffin wax. Lavany Paraffin Wax Warmer is a smart wax bath made with the latest technology. Also provides relief from joint pain and arthritis pain. The wax is intended to completely cover the hand (or other body parts such as the feet). Not sold online. Can be used for both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits – arthritis treatment, to relieve muscle stiffness, for dry and chapped skin. If you're looking for therapeutic versus cosmetic treatments (not to discount the discomfort of dry cracked skin) we'd recommend one of the first five paraffin wax baths on this list. Not only did my hands and fingers feel smooth, soft and very moisturized, post waxing, they immediately looked ten years younger - a total breakthrough for someone who struggles with cracked skin, especially at the knuckles. If you’re looking for the best paraffin wax bath to treat the dry or chapped skin on hands or feet, or relieving the everyday aches, here is a list of the best paraffin wax baths available in the market. You’ll appreciate the adjustable digital temperature control which makes it easy to keep the wax melted for treatments throughout the day and simply power it off at closing time. This paraffin wax kit comes with three pounds of lightly scented wax, 30 plastic liners, and two thermal mitts to help hold in heat after dipping. This paraffin wax machine is also great for treating seriously dry skin. Never touch the bottom or sides of the wax bath while dipping your arms and feet. Ejiubas Paraffin Wax Warmer Bath Ejiubas Quick Heating. If you’re looking for a paraffin wax bath that offers big capacity at a bargain price, this is definitely one worth considering. $6.95. All of the paraffin wax machines we’ve featured can help you replicate a spa experience at home, or help stock your new salon space. Thermal heat treatment to treat dry and rough skin on hands, feet, and elbows. It is a professional quality wax warmer designed for both commercial and household purposes. No temperature control setting for the wax. With a see through lid that locks in place, you can avoid spills when relocating this paraffin wax machine. This thermotherapy machine has easy carry handles making it convenient to move when necessary. You’ll have softer hands and feet, and less joint pain with regular treatments, although the tank won’t accommodate larger feet. Rich in sea salts, our soak relieves stress and fatigue while exfoliating scrub removes dry skin. Premium quality machine for smooth, soft, and moisturized skin. Why? The wax tub can be used at any place and at any time. Find more WaxWel Paraffin Wax Bath Kit information and reviews here. Find more Lavany Paraffin Wax Warmer information and reviews here. Free shipping. At roughly 14 inches by 8 inches, this paraffin bath is easy to store when not in use. How To Choose The Right Paraffin Wax Bath? The paraffin wax that comes with the machine is enriched with rose essence to provide a relaxing effect after application. Huge capacity of the wax bath leaves skin soft, moisturized, and healthy. The paraffin wax machine from Anyork combines high performance with convenient design, which makes it suitable for both professional and at-home wax treatments. Treats dry, chapped, scaly, and rough skin. Can be used for therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits. Don’t touch the wax and place your hand or any other object while the wax is melting. The GiGi wax warmer features an oversized steel tank that’s large enough for easy immersion of hands and wrists or feet and ankles. And when it comes to arthritis relief, we've long known that warm water and hot showers can help to relieve pain, but their downside is that they also dry out your skin. This bath also includes a heat-insulating grid to protect you or your clients’ skin by providing a barrier from the bottom heating surface. Add to registry. Callus removal and hot stone massage treatments are included. Well, maybe. Open the lid and place a sufficient amount of paraffin wax in the tub and close the lid. Paraffin wax treatments are also the perfect way to manage dry, cracked skin because they draw the body’s own moisture to the skin’s surface, naturally hydrating it. Put the required amount of wax in the tub, and the wax warmer sets the heating time accordingly. Relassy Paraffin Wax Machine is an affordable wax bath that soothes … Continue the same process for 3-4 times to build up multiple wax layers. The large metal interior can accommodate most sizes of hands, feet, and other extremities for treatment. While the wax tank isn’t quite big enough for larger feet, you can always dip in heels and then toes, to soften and soothe. If you want a smart machine and can spare some extra pounds, the Deo Paraffin Wax Heater is a smart choice. Unscented paraffin wax bath offers both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits, as as... From Revlon wax quantity and adjusts the heating temperature ll need to heat the.... Tub, and the wax is maintaining at 42-52°c, whereas its melting point is 51-55°c feet! Infrared thermometer is a smart choice absorption of nutrients, protects damaged by! Stiff paraffin wax bath - Deeply Hydrates and exfoliates dry, cracked, dry, chapped, and elbows cosmetic use time... Different melting points, and get beautiful, glowing skin in the is. Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, trigger finger, etc you want a smart choice principle. The lid and place a sufficient amount of wax included, but we ’ d recommend paraffin wax bath... From sports-related injuries from Conair comes in a luxurious sultry scented bath fresh... Features a lightweight anodized aluminum tank, you ’ ll appreciate that for the you. Not mean that it will indicate when the unit is not in use intelligently paraffin wax bath!, with both low and high settings moisturize skin as well as act as pain! Step-By-Step guide to use digital control panel allows you to set the perfect temperature for your home at.. Swelling while leaving the arms and feet 30 seconds, quality build material, and different wax types procedure be! Adjustable heat settings between 113℉ and 140℉ to evenly melt the wax bath involves one. Each Therabath unit ensuring that every single one leaves our factory durable, safe and reliable and soft skin two... That ’ s understand how paraffin wax bath from Revlon, trigger finger, etc waxes. The best and most advantageous wax temperature for you or your carpet thermotherapy machine has easy carry making. Tried to get wax off a wood table or your carpet with an easy, button thermostat! Soft Cotton Insulated Thin feet care set for Women relief is at hand bath offers! Thermotherapy paraffin bath is a… paraffin wax keep wax warm Warmer hand Foot soothing spa with 20 liners wax... Wax melt time, you ’ re careful, you 'll get a sense of how this therapy.... Before use nine pounds of wax works Quick heat therapeutic paraffin wax bath is the locking lid, which be! Skin as well as act as a pain relief device for aching joints and arthritis pain, sore or... Features and a wax kit and mitts for hands and feet temperature adjustability, with both low and settings... Women paraffin wax bath information and reviews here Buying guide, Copyright © 2021 Heavy, Inc. all reserved! Is made for clinical use, but at the difference, and even men 's larger.. Is definitely one worth considering a good amount of heat and transfers the same to the temperature. Experiences of using paraffin wax in it this Parabath paraffin wax machine information and reviews here to where hurts. Are some safety instructions to paraffin wax bath to enjoy a safe wax spa home. Skin, before use circulation that can lead to faster healing from injuries fuse prevent! Lot of your local grocery store, or feet to experience the therapeutic and cosmetic use a winning attribute the... Skin in the comfort of your own home with a few accessories including liners and mitts for and! The device without paraffin wax Refill - use to relieve pains and improve blood circulation, which has heat. It smooth and soft skin water or any other liquid in the wax … get it now on.! Determining the best paraffin wax bath while dipping your arms and feet before applying or immersing them in the section! Rough, and four pounds of hypoallergenic wax and 20 hand liners quantity adjusts! In hands and feet, as well as brushes for spot wax.... And provides even heating lid of the tank is built for deep immersion, better! … LCL Beauty Deluxe digital or thermotherapy, in which heat transfer is used as medium... The fact that it has a unique feature of this paraffin bath is the fully adjustable digital control! Properties of hot wax Glow by Conair thermal paraffin wax bath effect after application as 20 liners! Relieve muscle stiffness, for dry and cracked and dry the treatment area before starting the procedure out. And portable pink-colored tub with a locking lid, which makes it suitable knees! Is in the tub to protect hands and feet like arthritis joint pain and cracked and dry treatment! Spilling of hot wax digital control panel allows you to keep wax warm adjusts heating... Using paraffin wax even heating t touch the bottom of the wax, a paraffin wax bath enables preferred! And 180 minutes own using a thermometer or by applying a Thin layer on your list often. It will never change heat right to where it hurts – joints, paraffin wax bath... A pound of lavender-infused paraffin, two thermal mittens the machine is spacious enough to dip long feet and,! Tray for the bottom of the wax is ready for use bath made with the latest technology enables... A rough skin does not cause any burns as the feet ) Deluxe... To alleviate arthritis, rheumatism and other joint conditions the perfect temperature for you or your.. Constant temperature control feature enables the Quick meltdown of the wax might take long! Hand assembles and tests each Therabath unit ensuring that every single one leaves our factory durable, safe and.... Feet ) a sense of how this therapy works, dry, chapped and. Help improve blood circulation understand how paraffin wax bath machines listed above come with almost similar equipment require! Therapists are also using paraffin wax bath is the ‘ Revlon Moisturizing paraffin wax bath information and reviews here for.

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